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The programme seeks to achieve the following:

1. To enable ANC Public Representatives to understand their roles in study groups, Committees, Plenary and Executives from the ANC's perspective. 

2. To ensure that MP's and MPL's fully understad what a Developmental State is and what are the features of a Developmental State. 

3. To set preliminary basis for cohesion and unity amongst ANC Public Representatives in Parliament/Legislatures.

4. To enhance MP's and MPL's understanding of the:

     a. ANC Stategyand Tactics
     b. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
     c. ANC Policy and programmatic Mandate andkey priorities
     d. Revolutionary Morality and Ethics

5. To provide MP's and MPL's with an understanding of the relationship between the various structures of the ANC and Parliament/Legislatures.

6. To prepare MP's and MPL's to perform their constituency work according to the ANC and legislature prescripts.

7. To assist in enabling MP's and MPL's to execute their duties and serve better, so as to improve the image of the ANC in Parliament and in Society.

8. To ensure that MP's and MPL's represent the political will, social diversity and are accountable to the citizens they represent. 



OR Tambo

The ANC Parliament Induction Programme is distinct from the Parliamentary Programme to be carried out by the Parliament itself. The ANC Induction Programme is designed to provide ANC MP's and MPL's with introductory ANC politics, information and knowledge that will enable them to perform their roles as ANC MP's and MPL's in representing and serving the South African people.