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The ANC Kempton Park Parliamentary Constituency Office will be hosting the Heritage & Township Tourism Economic Month Program to be held as follows:

Date: 13th October 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 08h00-18h00

Venue: Phomolong Sports Ground, Cnr Pollsmoor and Inauguration Sts, Phomolong Section, Tembisa


Arrival at Phomolong Sports Ground at 08h30 (  Political Leadership and Community Leaders, including the Media)

Briefing from 08h40-08h55

Breakfast from 08h55-09h35

09h35-10h35 Tour coordinated by Gauteng Tourism Authority in Tembisa

10h35 Driving back to Phomolong Sports Ground

10h35-10h45 Debriefing



Arrival of the Masses at 11h00


Social Dialogue- Presentations by different Speakers, Engagements by All Stakeholders

“A Conversation with Ourselves- Matters related to our Land as our heritage; Our Diversity; Cultural Orientation and Traditions, including mechanisms that seeks to empower people such as IKS(Indigenous Knowledge Systems with the aim of revitalising township tourism economy




Entertainment, Exhibitions, Poetry, Music, Story Telling, etc, etc

The purpose of the tour and event is to highlight the value of township tourism value chain. The programme will start with a Tour on Heritage Sites within different locations or sections in Tembisa and we then host a Social Dialogue and conclude by supporting our fellow Exhibitors and Food Vendors, thus concluding by Entertainment from various groups.

We therefore cordially request the ANC Caucus Media dept in Gauteng to profile this event on behalf of the Management Committee

The event will be divided into three parts,

i.e. 08h00-10h30 Briefing and Tour by Political Leadership, Leadership of Organs of Civil Society, Organs of People’s Power, Speakers of the day, Officials from the PCOs and Government departments and its Agencies; 11h00-14h00 Social Dialogue to be attended by all Stakeholders, including Vendors and Exhibitors; 14h00-18h00 Entertainment, Poetry, Arts, Exhibitions, Networking Sessions etc.

We have invited about 300 people on the day.

For more information, please contact Bongani Masina @ 064 654 8409 or 011 975-6548

We have invited the MEC for Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation, MMC deployed  , Gauteng Tourism Authority, National Heritage Council and other key relevant stakeholders such as Experts, Community Leaders, Artists, Poets, Story Tellers, youth, women, people with disabilities’ organisations and formations to this august event.

We hope this will reach your favorable consideration as we aspire to promote our cultures through music, food and engender the spirit of Ubuntu among ourselves as Africans.

Yours in “Embracing Our Heritage”

Embracing our Culture and Heritage