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DA has failed transformative test

This past weekend's congress of the DA once more failed the test to cross the "Rubicon hour" to deal with the cloud that has been hanging over it for the past two decades. That cloud is failure to really transform and deal with the notion that it is sectarain and represents the previously priviledged section of the community which is white.

How does the party, born and founded on the ticket of protecting white privilleges, hope to woo the majority of our people on claims that it has changed, is now non-racial and represents the diversity that South African is supposed to be? Look no further than the composition of it's federal council, which is all white males, except the only woman, Refiloe Ntsekhe.

The party seeks to take over South Africa, and in particular Gauteng, in the 2019 general elections. Its troops (campaigners) on the ground are the majority black people, yet after winning they put white people into power with a sprinkle of some blackness, which I call the "Irish coffee syndrome". This is indeed a sign that the party has failed the test of time to transform.

If the DA truly wants to be part of the "change brigade", it needs to adopt quota systems in the form of race and gender. Without quotas, the dark cloud hanging over the DA as the party representing white privileges will linger. The Oxford Dictionary clearly articulates the meaning of "diversity". No matter how the DA leadership spins this, the fact remains that the DA as a party still remains white.

Mafika Siphiwe Mgcina ANC Caucus Gauteng legislator, writing in his personal capacity.