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ANC Caucus GPL Statement on the alleged involvement of a Member in Corruption.

 We view these futile and disingenuous attempts to mischievously tarnish the image of the ANC in a serious light. This deliberate distortion of the facts exposes the depth of desperation by Mr Msimanga and his handlers in the DA.
Solly Msimanga’s reign of horror which was characterized by maladministration, grand corruption, over R 2 billion of wasteful expenditure due to corrupt activities and the appointment of bouncers, as well as senior DA leaders without matric and fake qualifications. The same Solly who within less than two years brought the city of Tshwane to its knees, putting the provision of essential services to a total halt. The disgraced former mayor Mr Msimanga has caused havoc and untold harm to the city’s administrative capacity and capability to deliver services to our people.
The ANC Caucus in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature will not allow this profile picture of the DA in Gauteng in the form of Mr Msimanga to use the ANC as an alchemy to wash and cleanse himself of the stench and stains of corruption which still haunts the people of Tshwane to this day. Mr Msimanga and his handlers in the DA cannot hide their role in the unimaginable and irreparable harm to the capital city of South Africa by bringing flimsy accusations which seek to besmirch the name of the ANC.
We are convinced that this desperate witch-hunt by the DA’s poster boy of corruption Mr Solly Msimanga is aimed at creating a smoke screening on the trending national media headlines that due to his failures, inaptitude and lack of depth and leadership the people of Hammanskraal are drinking contaminated water which has claimed lives and left a great number of people hospitalized. We view this allegation as contained in the article by amaBhungane in a serious light and it is receiving an urgent attention.
We wish to categorically state that the said Member is NOT the Chief Whip of the ANC Caucus in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and that this was a deliberate distortion and lie aimed to feed into this wild and spurious allegation by the disgraced former mayor of Tshwane and his handlers. We wish to also state that we will not dignify with a response baseless allegations from adventurous swindlers and pick-pocketer who use good names of our leaders to make a living.
The ANC Caucus is firmly committed to the fight against corruption whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.
Issued by the Office of the Chief Whip, Cde Mzi Khumalo.
For enquiries please contact:
Cde Lesego Makhubela
ANC Caucus Spokesperson