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Premier David Makhura’s Media Statement on the utterances of MEC Faith Mazibuko

I would like to make the following principles categorically clear:

Firstly, racism and sexism have no place in our society and will therefore not be tolerated in our administration.

Secondly, we are determined to ensure that service delivery targets are met and budgets are spent in line with the annual performance plans - underspending is totally unacceptable.

Thirdly, we are uncompromising on the need for officials to follow the law and procurement procedures in line with our stated commitment to clean administration.

Earlier in the week, I interacted with the MEC and reprimanded her about her behaviour and she subsequently released a statement in which she publicly apologised.

I take note of the fact that the governing party has referred the matter to its Integrity Committee. This is an important step in the internal processes of the ANC.

I have stated, through Annual Political Reports and State of the Province Address, that we are uncompromising in our commitment to deliver on the targets set out in our Annual Performance Plans and spending on allocated budgets.

Similarly, I have also made it clear to all MECs and senior managers in the provincial government that we are also uncompromising in our commitment in ensuring that all plans and projects are implemented within the framework of the law and ethical principles in accordance with our goal of clean governance. I have further encouraged managers to stand their ground and refuse to carry any unlawful or unethical instructions.

Today, I will meet the MEC, HOD and CFO of the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation on this matter.

As the Premier, I dismiss with contempt any suggestion that we are fast-tracking delivery of long planned projects or putting in place new plans for purposes of winning elections. All our plans are in our annual performance plans (APPs) submitted to the Legislature on an annual basis.

Issued by Premier David Makhura


Castro Ngobese
Spokesperson to the Premier
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