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Mashaba promoting illegality

The ANC Joburg Caucus has noted the bewildering promise made by the City of Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba to rebuild the demolished Alexandra houses in a baffling attempt to redress a problem caused by the city he claims to lead.
This seemingly virtuous act from the Mayor is not only reflective of his glaring inability to lead the City but also the fact that he places political expediency and keeping intact the marriage of convenience between him and his alliance partners over lawfulness and the safety of Joburg residents.
It is indisputable that the Mayor’s about-turn and claim to have been unaware of the planned demolition is nothing but cheap politicking on his part. The Mayor has made it bare that he is so oblivious to the affairs of the municipality that a court order obtained by the City would easily fly under his radar. Woeful as it may be, it is not too shocking to us, as we have always asserted that Mayor Mashaba is but a pseudo head of the City.
We find it rather concerning that the Mayor would defy a court order which cost the City money to enforce through the hiring of and paying of the services of the Red Ants. He now wants to spend more money on rectifying this costly blunder. It is more concerning that wants to rebuild the homes on the same illegal land instead of providing an alternative, and more permanent, area for occupation.
As the ANC Joburg Caucus, we reject this blatant promotion of illegality and illegitimate allocation of the City of Joburg residents’ money. We furthermore wish to caution the Mayor against the subversion of Council processes he is displaying through his pronouncement that the City will find money to rebuild the demolished houses. The Council has not budgeted for this undertaking. This means he will illegally allocate residents’ money to fund this project. We find this perturbing.
Furthermore, we wish to forewarn professionals against contributing to this act of promoting this illegality by disregarding the law to avoid compromising their professional and ethical obligations. We agree that serving our people should be our greatest concern at all times but do not agree that this should be done at the expense of their safety and the disregard of the law.

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Jolidee Matongo
ANC Joburg Spokesperson
072 633 9956