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Invitation to bid for the production of a 30 minute video

The purpose of this project is to reflect on the work of the ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature for the period 2014 -2019 in its quest to fulfil this vision. Special emphasis will be on the POLITICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING Programme for the period.

  • Duration

30 minutes inclusive of interviews, narration and clips.

  • Target audience

ANC internal stakeholders

ANC Caucus members


  • Distribution and Quantity

The video will be distributed internally in a disk format. The winning bidder should supply a total of 45 copies inclusive of two master copies to the GPL ANC Caucus.

  • Tone of voice

Serious, friendly or professional, documentary style narration

  • Mandatory elements

The GPL ANC Caucus will provide the necessary documents and will arrange the interviews for the producers. A maximum of 7 interviews are expected to be undertaken which each lasting a maximum of 3 minutes, and a further 4 interviews to a maximum of 5 minutes. These interviews will form a significant part of the video in addition to other visual material to be provided by the Client. The Client will take responsibility for setting up the interviews and providing the necessary backdrop-set branding for the interviews. All interviews will take place in Johannesburg CBD. Service provider should be able to apply the necessary conversion software to ensure that all material supplied is standardized in an appropriate format for integration and final production.

  • Timeline & Approval process

The deadline for this production is 15th April 2019 and the final product will be approved by the ANC Caucus after two viewings of the video prior finalisation.

  • Copyright

The ANC Gauteng Caucus shall maintain full copyrights over all material contained in the production and reserves the right to reproduce at its discretion further copies of the production. The successful bidder shall expressly enjoy no claim whatsoever to any copyright over the production.

  • Compulsory Presentation

The shortlisting will be done on the 20th March 2019. The Client (ANC Gauteng Legislature Caucus) shall on the 27th March 2019 require the pre-qualified bidders to make a high-level presentation of the capacity of the bidder, by way a 30-minute session, wherein the bidders will be required to inter-alia outline:

  1. Their capacity and other similar projects undertaken
  2. A broad conceptual framework in terms of which the work will be undertaken, with due regard to the timelines
  • Contact Person

Ms. Tiny Magija (tmagija@gpl.gov.za) shall be the principle point of contact between the successful bidder and the client (ANC Gauteng Legislature Caucus)