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1. Background

The Office of the Provincial Secretary has commissioned the Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation Unit [PMEU] to conduct a skills audit of ANC members in the province. The audit is part of the broader project of compiling a comprehensive profile of ANC members in the province.

The skills audit will among other things assist the organisation to understand the capacity it has through and within its members and how such capacity can be properly used and/or deployed to advance the mission and strategic objectives of the organisation.

The Skills Audit has five (5) objectives and outcomes:

  • To understand the skills required and gaps the organisation currently has — GAP ANALYSIS.
  • To conduct an analysis of development needs for comrades elected to leadership positions at all levels (BECs; ZECs; RECs and PEC) and those deployed in government.
  • To compile a list of members who require additional development.
  • To compile information that can be used for purposes of tasks such as internal selection.
  • To compile general information that can be used for dynamic succession planning and cadre deployment and redeployment.

1. Benefits of a Skills Audit

The key benefits of a skills audit are many and varying, but the most important for ANC purposes are listed below:

  • ANC will have improved skills and knowledge for governance and organisational development.
  • ANC will have less training and development costs, as development efforts will be more focused.
  • Acquisition and use of information coming out of a skills audit will be used for purposes such as internal cadre selection, placement and deployment.
  • The skills audit exercise will help the ANC in and outside government to enhance service delivery as members will be better matched to their positions.


Herein atached is the Skills Audit Matrix form which must be filled completely and accurately and returned to the address specified.



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