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ANC launches 30-days countdown to voting day

Today marks 30 days towards 8 May 2019, a day when all South Africans are called upon to exercise their democratic right to vote for a government of their choice.  Given our history if colonialism, apartheid and patriarchy, it is a universal right that we should not take for granted. For many generations, black people were deprived of the right to vote, making them second class citizens in their own country without a voice in all matters political.  ‘One person, one vote,’ became a rallying slogan for our liberation struggle.  As we celebrate 25 years of democracy, we dare not forget the importance of the critical cornerstone to our democracy, the right to vote.  As the nation prepares for the polls on 8 May 2019, every citizen must appreciate that they have a civic duty to preserve our democracy by exercising the right to vote.  Far too often, it is easy for people to believe the lie that they can stop exercising the right to vote as a form of protest against the incumbent government.  Yet, the opposite is true.  If citizens do not vote, they allow dictators, fascist and those without the popular mandate access to levers of power.  

Our achievements and challenges we faced as a nation over the last 25 years have taught us invaluable lessons, which will serve as a beacon towards the realisation of a nation where a better life for all is a lived reality.  As the party of government, the ANC should have acted faster and more decisively.  We were remiss in not preventing a drift from the compass of integrity that inspired the generation whose mission it was to achieve a democratic and inclusive society. We have heard the cries of millions about things that went wrong. We accept the criticisms.  South Africans have continued to place their trust in the ANC, yet demand that we demonstrate our commitment to righting the wrongs of the past through tangible action.

We have traversed the country and made contact with millions of voters across our various mobilisation platforms.  We have listened attentively to their stories, felt their pain and have been touched by their resilience and their demonstration that we are truly a nation on the cusp of hope and renewal.  President Cyril Ramaphosa, as the President of the ANC, has become the embodiment of this hope and renewal for many South Africans.  We have infused the #ThumaMina campaign into our election efforts to inculcate a culture of responsiveness to the people’s voices and tangible progress has since become visible in many communities.  This election campaign is about winning the trust of the people and restoring the confidence they have demonstrated in the ANC over the last 25 years.  We have been touched and humbled by the overwhelming response of our people, both positive and negative.

As we enter the last lap of our election campaign, we will also intensify our mobilisation activities in all communities and across all our platforms.  Contact with the voter remains the most important part of our mobilisation and we are enhancing that experience by rolling out additional methods of this contact.  Our revamped elections website www.voteanc.org.za is a repository of information on our election campaign and provides a platform of interaction with the ANC and its leaders.  This website is one of the digital platforms the ANC uses to continuously engage with the electorate and allow them to follow our campaign trail.  Other platforms include ANC TV, which boasts broadcast content people can access at any time. Young and dynamic anchors will be central in generating exciting content.  Through our sponsors, we have developed capability to generate our own broadcast content which we can feed to the broadcasters.   

This is reinforced by our ever-growing presence on social media platforms, twitter, Instagram, facebook and YouTube.  Our digital platforms will aggressively broaden our touch points with the voters and will help them make informed choices by making relevant and factual information on the ANC and its policies accessible at all times.

The ANC will intensify its voter contact through:
•    Deployment of all its officials and leaders, including President Ramaphosa and other Officials to various communities across the country on a daily basis.  On Thursday, all ANC officials will be deployed to various parts of Gauteng as part of our #GautengThursdays.  
•    President Ramaphosa and other ANC leaders will continue to interact with various sectors and stakeholders on a weekly basis.
•    Manifesto briefings will continue every Sunday to engage with the media on the details of our manifesto.  The remaining briefings will focus on the economy, role of state-owned enterprises and job creation, and on women’s empowerment and emancipation.

The ANC’s election campaign will culminate in the hosting of the Siyanqoba Rally on 5 May 2019.  The rally will be held at the Ellis Park Stadium precinct, which includes the Johannesburg Stadium, with a combined capacity of approximately 140,000.  The Siyanqoba rally is our final call to vote and a moment for the President to remind South Africans why they should jealously safeguard the gains of our freedom by exercising their right to vote and vote ANC to grow South Africa to new heights.  The Rally will also be a moment for ANC leaders, members and volunteers to take a break from the gruelling campaign trail and enjoy song and dance from the entertainment that will be provided by some of South Africa’s greatest artists.  

Accreditation forms for the media will be made available on our elections website and all other relevant information on the Siyanqoba rally will be made available on this platform.  A media advisory to this effect will be issued in the coming days.
As we commit ourselves to a path of renewal and greater progress, we are under no illusion that the road ahead will not be easy.  Renewal will sometimes pose difficulties and there will be resistance to the fight against corruption and for inclusive growth. But, the march to a better South Africa, free of divisions of the past, can now be pursued at a brisker pace and is unstoppable.  The ANC has a plan to turn things around and speed up movement to a society that is:
•    united, prosperous and democratic
•    based on equality without regard to race and gender
•    committed to addressing the needs of children and youth
•    protects the most vulnerable.

As we launch the 30-days countdown, we unveil our call to vote poster calling on the electorate to vote for Ramaphosa for President, the people’s choice, Vote ANC. This poster reinforces our campaign message, Let’s Grow South Africa Together and is message that has been embraced by all South Africans.  


Fikile Mbalula
Head of Elections
076 310 7596

More information:
Dakota Legoete        
Acting National Spokesperson
072 718 5955

Mhlabunzima Memela
National Media Relations Manager
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