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ANC GP on upward rise following By-Elections

The support of the African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng is on the rise after the party once again wrestled yet another Ward from the DA in a period of three weeks. The  ANC successfully reclaimed Ward 29 in Ekurhuleni from the DA while also retaining Ward 21 in Rand West.

This comes after the ANC contested four By-Elections in Ekurhuleni’s Wards 15 & 29 and Rand West’s Wards 08 & 21 yesterday (August 7). Three of the wards were in the hands of opposition prior to the By-Elections.

The positive outcome of these By-Elections can be attributed to a number of factors. We have a strong and united ANC in the regions and the ANC-led government’s programme of delivering  basic services to the poorest of the poor is being well received.

This victory clearly demonstrates that the ANC continues to enjoy majority support amongst our citizens. The renewed confidence in the ANC was again evident last month when the ANC reclaimed Ward 109 from the DA in Joburg.

Since the 2016 local government elections and the 2019 general elections the ANC has embarked on an ambitious programme to win the full confidence of the people of Gauteng through our actions and an activist approach to governace.

We are confident that both Comrade Imtiaz Loonat of Ward 29 in Ekurhuleni and  Comrade Abram Tholani Mazula of Ward 21 in Rand West will serve the people of their respective wards diligently as they assume office in their municipal councils.

The ANC Gauteng Province once again expresses its gratitude to the people of Ekurhuleni and Rand West in the West Rand in all the four wards that were contested for voting ANC. We are pleased at the growing support even in the wards we did not win. We also thank all the volunteers in the two regions who worked day an night to secure this positive outcome.


Issued by the ANC Gauteng Province

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