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ANC Caucus welcomes the R153 Billion 2022/23 Gauteng Provincial Government Budget tabled by MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko

The R153 Billion allocation is a financial commitment to improve the quality of life for the people of Gauteng.


The fact that the biggest allocations in the budget are geared towards the provision of social services ( Health Education, Social Development and Human settlements) is an indication of the ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government's commitment to deliver on the electoral mandate.


Youth unemployment remains an Achilles Heel budget allocations must therefore help solve this serious challenge. Caucus welcomes the R2 Billion for the continuation of the


Presidential Youth Employment Initiative and specifically the R 376,3 million for the Youth Brigade Program.


We further welcome the commitments by the ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government to restore the dignity of the most marginalized people in our communities, the R363.1 million for the Gauteng City-Region Street Adult Homelessness Strategy will ensure that that decent accommodation and access to a basket of social services are available to those in dire need. Poverty, Unemployment, and Inequality continue to plague our communities, Caucus welcomes additional resources to upscale the Welfare to Work Program to reach more young women and continue implementing income-generating programmes. The Thuliswa Nkabinde- Khawe agricultural project is a clear demonstration that when we work side by side with communities we will overcome food security challenges.


Infrastructure development is a key driver in economic development, with the total infrastructure allocations of R 37 Billion, the upgrading of the road infrastructure, the refurbishment of health facilities construction of housing units and serviced stands, and construction of new schools confirms that indeed Gauteng is a construction site and the completion of all these projects must enhance the quality of life for the people.

Caucus will spare no effort in ensuring that we hold the executive accountable for the completion of unfinished infrastructure projects.


The R177 million for the eradication of backlog in registration of pre1994 and post 1994 title deeds is welcomed, the security of tenure is part of the restoration of the dignity of our people, this matter must be dealt with expeditiously.


We welcome the additional R 20 million to supplement the budget for the payment of rates and taxes for government buildings.


The reigniting the economy after the decimation as a result of Covid19 is a priority for the ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government. A total of R1,3 Billion is allocated as part of the various economic development intervention programmes including the Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone which receives R350 million for bulk infrastructure.


The safety of our communities remains a top priority for the government, fighting crime requires a collaborative effort and societal mobilization and partnerships.

Caucus welcomes R13.1 million for payment of stipend to patrollers who are most of the time, the first line of defense for our communities.

As an Activist Caucus, we will continue to conduct a robust oversight role to hold the executive accountable for prudent spending of public funds, we further welcome the commitment by the Executive to be on the ground working side by side with the communities to solve service delivery issues.


Issued by the Office of the Chief Whip, Cde Mzi Khumalo.


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